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CareFusion Alaris MedSystem III Model 2865 IV Infusion Pump 3 Channel Warranty - UIAL2865

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CareFusion Alaris MedSystem III Model 2865 IV Infusion Pump 3 Channel Warranty - UIAL2865 Precio: 2894.99 Refurbished and ready for patient use, one Alaris MedSystem III Model 2863 infusion pump. This pump is backed by our 12 month warranty and our unparalleled customer service! Please contact us if you have any compatibility related or other questions! Alaris Model Number: -Alaris Number: 2863 The Alaris IVAC Medsystem III 2863 is a 3 channel infusion pump that can be programmed to deliver at a specified rate or over a specific period of time. The 2863 is a multi-channel infusion pump featuring three independent fluid delivery systems that only occupy the space of one system. Running on 6 watts AC power, its main battery is a rechargeable NiCad Battery Pack Memory and it is equipped with a non-rechargeable Lithium back up battery. It provides advanced features, accurate delivery of a variety of fluids, and it is easy to setup and use. It weighs approximately 5.1 pounds including the pole clamp. The Medsystem III's small size allows for more flexibility when transporting patients and allows for a more organized bedside space. The 2863 features a delivery rate range of 0.1 – 999 milliliters/hour for each channel and a KVO rate range of 0.1 – 20.0 milliliters/hour.   Alaris III 2863 Features        Multi-channel Fluid Delivery System          Combines three independent infusion channels Lightweight / portable    Weighs only 2.3kg or 5.07 punds Rotating Pole Clamp   Can be attached to variety of surfaces Dose Rate Calculator (DRC) Calculates volumetric or dose rate based on patient weight, drug concentration and dosing parameters Drug List Editor (DLE) Customizable Drug List Editor Software Six Device Types Neonatal, Controller Pressure, Operating Room, Operating Room II, General Purpose, General Purpose II Free-flow protection Administration Sets contain Cassette that protects from free-flow conditions Monitoring System Continuously monitors the MedSystem III conditions and alerts with adjustable tones and visual messages Field Maintenance Software (FMS) Modifiable to accommodate specialized clinical applications. Devices Type parameters, occlusion limit, and air-in-line threshold with FMS software Secondary mode Ability to program two different rates of infusion to run sequentially Syringe Delivery Accommodates 20cc to 60cc syringes Full Range of Delivery Rates Rates from 0.1 to 999 milliliters per hour Battery Capacity Up to 6 hours of operating time with rates at 125 ml/h per channel