Digitalizador de Imagen Kodac CareStream Classic

Fecha de publicación: sáb, 21 jul 2018


Digitalizador de Imagen Kodac CareStream Classic Includes:   4 cassettes for Mammography and 4 cassettes for general radiography, workstation, keyboard   monitor and mouse.       Carestream’s DIRECTVIEW CR systems are designed to streamline patient throughput, speed work­flow and increase cost-efficiency. Three computed radiography models allow you to choose the plates-per-hour performance that matches your facility’s needs. We also offer both single- and multiple-cassette capability. Whatever your CR choice, you can count on excellent image quality, a space-saving footprint and easy, user-friendly operation.       Classic  CR Systems are small, easy to install and simple to use. These distributed computed radiography systems produce high-quality images, yet have footprints small enough for an X-ray room or an X-ray control console room.       The Classic CR System handles up to 69 cassettes per hour,* making it ideal for small and mid-sized facilities       *When using a 35 cm x 43 cm cassette, with system in high-speed scan mode. Times for other cassette sizes are the same or less. Time for image access at a network device is dependent on network performance         18 x 24 cm 24 x 30 cm 14 x 14 in (35 x 35 cm) 14 x 17 in (35 x 43 cm) 15 x 30 in (Dental) 35 x 84 in (Long-Length) Classic CR 77 58 77 69 92 68