Digitalizador Osteometro DTX-200 Dexa Care

Fecha de publicación: sáb, 21 jul 2018


Digitalizador Osteometro DTX-200 Dexa Care The DTX-200 DexaCare is a unique x-ray densitometer for the assessment of bone density in the distal part of the forearm. The forearm is an excellent site because the forearm is representative of the total body bone mass. The DTX-200 DexaCare has won world-wide recognition for enabling fast, easy, reliable, inexpensive and cost-effective assessment as well as follow-up of bone density. This has led to several thousand units being installed throughout the world. The DTX-200 DexaCare is a unique dual energy X-ray bone densitometer that gives you the opportunity to assess and follow up on the patients' bone density. With the DTX-200 DexaCare the physician has an easy and cost-effective method with a throughput of up to 50 examinations per working day. The DTX-200 DexaCare assesses forearm bone density with optimised precision and accuracy. One of the unique features of the DTX-200 DexaCare is the automatic identification of the 8 mm distance between ulna and radius. This ensures that the same area is assessed every time. The excellent in vivo accuracy (>97%) and in vivo precision (>99%) makes DTX-200 DexaCare highly suitable for assessment of bone density and follow-up. The DTX-200 DexaCare is a truly automated system. Every calibration, positioning, assessment and calculation is performed automatically, minimising operator errors. The straight forward procedures together with minimal operator intervention make the DTX-200 DexaCare instantly operational. The extensive database allows comparison with age-matched peers (Z-score) and premenopausal peers (T-score). The DTX-200 DexaCare can be placed in the examination room without special installation and shielding requirements. The outstanding calibration system makes it possible to finish an examination within 4.5 minutes. Due to its integrated, dynamic approach, the DTX-200 DexaCare provides the facility to give the answer to the patient today. It is well established that the effect of a treatment is best seen in trabecular bone. The new Region of Interest (nROI) developed specifically for the DTX-200 DexaCare assesses the bone density in the ultra-distal part of the forearm where the bone composition is 65% trabecular bone and 35% cortical bone. The DTX-200 DexaCare goes beyond bone mass measurement and identifies fast bone losers through a unique software programme (not available in the US) that is used to calculate the rate of the postmenopausal bone loss. The rate of bone loss can be estimated by measuring a combination of biochemical markers reflecting bone turnover. By combining the results of the bone mass measurement and the bone loss estimation, it is possible to predict the future risk of developing osteoporosis in healthy postmenopausal women. This dynamic approach of predicting the future risk of osteoporosis is a unique feature and is not found in any other equipment on the market. The DTX-200 DexaCare is a dedicated, cost-effective and reliable dual energy x-ray bone densitometer for assessment and follow-up of the patients' bone density. Specifications: X-ray System: 55 kV, 300 µA Energy Separation: K-Edge filtration Detection System: Solid state dual energy sandwich detector Calibration System: Line by line internal reference calibration Scanning Method: Rectilinear (100 mm x 100 mm) Scan Resolution: 0.4 mm x 0.4 mm Scanning Sites: new Region of Interest (nROI): The ultra-distal sites of the radius and ulna Location: Proximal from end-plate of radius, 65% trabecular bone 8 mm Distal: The distal site of radius and ulna Location:8 mm radius/ulna distance Size: 24 mm in proximal direction, 13 % trabecular bone ¼ Distal: The site of radius and ulna Location: Mid-shaft ¼ arm length proximal from ulna end-plate Size: +/- 10 mm, mainly cortical bone Scan Time: 2 min., distal section of forearm In vivo Precision: In vivo Precision > 99% In vivo Accuracy: In vivo Accuracy > 97% Patient Dose: Skin dose on forearm: 0.2 mGy per scan Effective Dose: 0.1 µSv per scan Leakage Radiation: Less than 5 µSv per hour measured 5 cm from sides of cabinet Scatter Radiation: Less than 0.25 µSv per hour measured 1 m from top of scanner External Shielding: None required Size and Weight: 31"(H), 23"(L), 11"(W). 114 lbs. 79 cm (H), 59 cm (L), 28 cm (W). 52 kg. Power Requirements: 100/120/200/220/230-240 V~, 50-60 Hz, 125 VA Room operating Temp: 15-30°C or 59-86°F Minimum PC Requirements: IBM PC compatible 486 DX2, 66 MHz or faster VGA display. 4 MB RAM, 80 MB hard disk. 3.5" (1.44 MB) floppy disk drive. 1 Serial port (NS 16550AN recommended). 1 Parallel port. Minimum Printer Requirements: HP DeskJet 600 Series.