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Impresora De Digitalizador Marca Agfa Drystar 3000 Para Rayos X

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Procesadora Impresora de digitalizador Agfa Drystar 3000

100% Funcional, Excelente condicion cosmetica

The used and totally refurbished Drystar 3000 is a totally dry, large-format hardcopy system for cost-effective, decentralized applications. Imaging right where you need it The Drystar 3000’s extremely small footprint and low power consumption combined with low investment cost make it possible to print your films right where you have always wanted: next to you! There will always be room for it in even the most space-restricted environment to stand next to the application it serves.

Cutting-edge thermal printing with the Drystar 3000, you benefit from the latest developments in thermal printing technology. The 14” wide print-head, combined with sophisticated image processing software and an on-line densitometer for consistency of image quality, delivers diagnostic image quality from first to last pixel. The new TL direct thermal imaging films used by the system are composed of a 175 micron thick PET base, coated with silver salts and a protective top layer. The PET base with rounded corners ensures that the films can be handled in the same way as regular X-ray films. The silver-based imaging layer, which is not sensitive to light, but only to very high temperatures, guarantees low fog and high contrast, combined with excellent image stability. Finally, the protective top layer makes the film resistant to scratches and moisture. In short, precisely the combination of imaging fidelity and physical robustness that is needed in the hospital environment.

The Agfa DryStar 3000 is designed for your ease of use

The Drystar 3000 printer, which is operated via an integrated controller module, excels in simplicity. There is no need for special film supply magazines or light-protective packaging. Films may be loaded into the printer in daylight – it is easy as loading paper into an office copier, and easy access makes film jam clearance straightforward.

The Agfa DryStar 3000 Connectivity

The Drystar 3000 may be used to serve just one application if so desired, but it also features functional modularity. Just like for the Scopix LR 3300 laser imaging product line, multiple inputs and network connectivity are integral characteristics. The three direct inputs take any combination of high-bandwidth video or digital connection, and DICOM PMS is directly supported via optional software. For networking purposes an Ethernet interface is included. The Drystar 3000 is fully compatible with the Scopix LR 3300 and MG 3000 laser imaging network and the Drystar 2000 dry hardcopy system. And of course, the growth path to other applications like Agfa’s Impax archiving and communication systems is built in.

The Agfa DryStar 3000 Printing options

With its capability to print on 14 x 17” or 11 x 14” films and the option to route images automatically to the Drystar 2000, which is Agfa’s state-of-the-art 8 x 10” printer for colour and black and white, Agfa provides the optimal solution for all your hardcopy needs.

The environmentally friendly system The Drystar 3000 is also the answer to growing ecological concerns. Since it is a dry system, chemical supply and draining systems become a thing of the past. Also, the packaging of the Drystar films, consisting simply of a cardboard box and a PE bag, can be fully recycled. These features together with its low power consumption mean that the Drystar 3000 is friendly to the environment and to your budget.

The Agfa DryStar 3000 Standard Features:

No chemicals, no waste

Fully compatible with Scopix LR 3300 and MG 3000 laser imaging network and Drystar 2000 dry hardcopy system

Compatible with Impax

Direct support of DICOM PMS via software option

3 direct inputs supported: any combination of high-bandwidth video and digital. More connections via MG 3000

Choice of 2 film sizes: 14 x 17”, 11 x 14”

320 ppi (pixels per inch) geometrical resolution

12 bits (4096) contrast resolution

Daylight film loading (films are not sensitive to light)

On-line densitometer for constant image quality

Very small footprint

Easy access for film jam clearance

Low power consumption

Agfa DryStar 3000 General Information

General Dimensions 60 x 41x 137 cm (W x D x H) (Depth 58 cm including pick-up tray)

Weight 125 kg (empty)

Power requirements 100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption Cold start: 1100 W Printing: 700 W Stand-by: 270 W

Operating conditions Temperature: 10 - 30 ¡C Humidity: 20 - 80 % RH, non-condensing

Heat dissipation Printing: 2520 kJ/h (2390 BTU) Stand-by: 970 kJ/h (920 BTU)

Safety IEC 601-1 UL 2601 CSA 222 Nr. 601.1-M90 VDE 0750 part 1

Agfa DryStar 3000 Performance

Throughput 14 x 17Ó: 50 sheets/hour; access time 1st film approx. 120 seconds 11 x 14Ó: 70 sheets/hour; access time 1st film approx. 90 seconds

Addressable print area 14 x 17Ó: 4352 x 5298 pixel 11 x 14Ó: 3418 x 4352 pixel

Printing resolution Geometrical: 320 ppi Contrast: 12 bits (4096)

Capacity of supply tray 100 sheets

Capacity of pick-up tray 50 sheets