Electrocardiografo EKG Burdick Eclipse LE

Fecha de publicación: sáb, 21 jul 2018


Simple, intuitive operation with an impressive range of features makes the Eclipse LE an excellent choice for everyday ECG operation. The full-sized reports eliminate mounting time and costs.   The full-sized alphanumeric keyboard allows you to enter patient information onto the report. And, it is upgradable to exercise stress, allowing you to add another reimbursable procedure to your practice at an affordable price.   FEATURES ·         Interpretive with measurements ·         Patient ID#, Age, Sex, Race, Medications, Clinical Classification, Location, Lead Markings and Acquisition parameters annotated on strip ·         Upgradable to Exercise Stress ·         Multi-channel ECG recorder in a compact design ·         Bright, backlit three-channel LCD preview screen   SPECIFICATIONS Full alphanumeric keyboard Prints Full 8.5" x 11" reports 2 x 40 alphanumeric LCD screen Three, four or six channel report formats Storage option for 40 ECGs   Single-button initiation of ECG