PC Electrocardiografo LME1010SE ECG

Fecha de publicación: sáb, 21 jul 2018


PC-based ECG LME1010SE provides you an affordable and portable 12-channel ECG solution with powerful data analysis functions.Optional advanced analysis functions secure clinical accuracy and maximum decision-making efficiency. Features:  Simultaneous 12 Leads acquisition handheld design Real-time ECG waveforms display on PC screen Auto /Manual measurement and interpretation WORD, PDF and JPG format reports transferred via E-mail Optional advanced analysis functions: Timed vectorcardiogram, VCG(3D), SAECG,QT interval dispersion, HRT,HFECG,Frequency Spectrum cardiogram 30s-900s HRV (heart rate variability) sample and analysis Stress test and exercise blood pressure monitor (option)