QRS Card resting and Stress PC ECG

Fecha de publicación: sáb, 21 jul 2018


The QRS-Card Resting and Stress ECG Systems are state-of-the-art ECG devices which when connected to an IBM/Windows® compatible personal computer converts the computer into a highly sophisticated Resting and Stress ECG machine. Physicians can acquire a 12 Lead Resting ECG from a patient. The ECG data can then be saved or printed on to plain paper. All patient reports can be easily exported to your EMR database. Features: USB Interface turns any IBM/Windows® compatable computer into a 12-Lead ECG Machine, No batteries required! Uses plain paper printing. Save thousands in thermal paper cost Electronic Medical Records (EMR) friendly allows you to manage and store your data True portable 12 Lead ECG, Simultaneous Acquisition with Interpretation Report Capabilities: Direct PDF Printing for Report Storage, Viewing, Retrieval, Save/Review, Email, Faxing, Networking, Data Import/Export Each PC Based ECG System includes the following: QRS Card 12-Lead ECG Device (Resting or Stress) STWIN Software Version 4.2 ECG Leadwires (Resting or Stress) USB Power Cable Keyboard Cable 4mm ECG Clips (Resting or Stress) QRS User Guide Version 4.2 1 Year Warranty and Free Software Updates and Support Specifications: Computer Type: Windows 2000, XP or Vista Computer Interface: USB/Serial Bluetooth Coming Soon Leads: (12) Pins/Banana or Snap Resolution: 12 bit Sampling Rate: 240/500 or 1000/4 channels Patient Isolation: Optical Power Isolation: 4KV Leakage Current: < 10 Micro Amperes Defibrillator Protection: 360 Joules R Wave TTL ECG Trigger option