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Equipo de Mastografía Nuevo Hologic Selenia. Digital

Fecha de publicación: mar, 22 oct 2019


Modelo básico:

Tungsten Tube Bi-Angular, High Speed Filtration - 0.060 microns Rhodium (Rh) and 0.060 microns Silver (AG)Filters, Focal Spot Sizes - 0.3 mm (Large); 0.1 mm(Small)

Focal Spot Sizes - 0.3 mm (Large); 0.1 mm (Small)

Dual Compression Mechanism: Dual Function Footswitches (2)

Compression Paddles: 24 x 30 cm FAST Paddle

Smart Paddle System: 18 x 24 cm FAST Paddle, 7.5 cm Spot Contact Paddle, Small Breast Paddle

Magnification Package: Magnification Platform, 7.5 cm Spot Magnification Paddle

Digital Image Receptor (ASY-00834):

Amorphous Selenium TFT Detector, LORAD HTC Anti-scatter Grid, Grid Auto-Retractor Mechanism for Geometric Magnification Views, 24 x 29 cm Effective Imaging Area, 2560 X 3328 and 3328 x 4096 Image Matrix Sizes, 70 µm Pixel Size, >7 lp/mm Limiting Spatial Resolution, MTF @ Nyquist Frequency >0.40, DQE at 0 cycles/mm > 50%, 20 to 30 Degree Ambient Operating Temperature

Acquisition Console: Workstation has a flat, free form desk top. Monitor, mouse and keyboard are not locked into position which provides the user the ability to customize their work space. (The monitor swing arm is not available on this console)

Small Footprint Design, Windows Based Platform, Windows 7 Operating System, 4GB Memory, 1 TB Hard Drive, Temporary Storage for 4,000 - 6,000 Images, CDRW for Temporary Image, Archiving in DICOM Part 10 Format, 2MP Color LCD Display and Keyboard, Ethernet 10/100 Base T Connection

DICOM Services (Worklist, Print, Storage, Storage Commitment, Query/Retrieve, Modality Performed Procedure Step)

IHE Profiles (Scheduled Workflow, Patient Information Reconciliation and Mammography Image)

Operator and Service Package: Operator Manual, Tech Workbook, Service Manual, QC Manual, Quick Reference Guide

SecurView (DX) 200 for display, manipulation, and interpretation of FFDM images (from any vendor), as well as any other DICOM multi-modality image.

System Specifications:

High End Workstation

High End, Double Quad Core Processor Windows Based System (2.0GHz or higher) 6GB High Speed RAM

(3) 2TB SAS drives in RAID 5 array

10/100/1000 Base T Ethernet Network Interface

Display Hardware:

Dual Barco Nio 5 MP LCD Displays

Standard 8-bit Medical Grade Display Card

Attached Devices:



Photometric Sensor

Power UPS


Windows 7 Operating System

Dedicated Mammography Based Reviewing Software (User Specific Hanging Protocols, Workflow, etc) Integrated CAD Display (CAD software and systems sold separately) Automated Display QC Software DICOM Connectivity - Print Store, Query/Retrieve, CAD SR Objects, Grayscale Software Presentation State Objects


User Manual