Mamografia GE Senograph 800T

Fecha de publicación: Wed, 29 Aug 2018



0.1 & 0.3 Focal Spots

mAs: 4 to 600 mAs

KVP: 22 to 35 Kvp

Power: 200/208/220 volts

Automatic Exposure Control

Automatic Optimization of Parameters Priority given to Image Contrast,

Dose reduction or Betwen Contrast and Dose

Compression with fine manual adjustment for optimal compression

Compresion Force Display

Variable SID for optimum dose/resolution & Longer SID for reduction of blurring

Anti-scatter grid to eliminate scattered radiation

Automatic Integrated Diaphragm

Adjusts automatically to film format,


Standard Configuration

Columna Telescopica with footpedals

High Frequency generator

Control Console

Buckys 18x24, 24x30

18x24 Compression Paddle

Auxilliary Compresion paddle

Spot Compression Paddle

Magnification Plate