Precio: $ 15,500.00 USD

SIEMENS MAMMOMAT NOVATION Unidad de mamografia digital

Fecha de publicación: sáb, 21 jul 2018


SIEMENS MAMMOMAT NOVATION Unidad de mamografia digital with ACR certification when de-installed. It has iCAD which is worth 22K in itself. It has a 24 cm X 30cm detector. You will never find a digital mammography system of same specs and quality for this price. De-installed Friday November 11th 2016 DOM: 2006 /2008 Tube: 2009 R2 Image Checker: October 2007 2008 Digital Detector System features: Barco Flat screen 18.1" 1280X1024 LCD Collimator Console Novation SP WH AWS M440 Grundrechner SP WH AWS M440 General License (Key) FD AWS Software VA11A Detector, cpl. High Voltage Tank Generator Magnification table MONITOR- Paar 8681459 Einzelmonitor Upgrade-Kit VA12A mit SIP + Stand S Upgrade-Kit VA12A mit LIP + Stand S WH AWS OpView2 Image CDs WH AWS Software VA20C ROW Tube-Head Unit P40 Mow-100G Compression Unit Novation Available NOW at our Miami warehouse. The system can be staged for inspection (INSTALLATION FEE MAY APPLY).