2007 Philips Achieva 1.5 T MRI 32 channel for sale

Fecha de publicación: mar, 28 ago 2018


Philips Achieva 1.5 T MRI

32 Channel

YOM: 2007

Software Release:

13 Coils:

Head coil ,

C1 Circle Coil linear 1Ch,

C3 Circle Coil Linear,

Sense Breast Coil 7 Ch,

Sense Knee Coil 8 Ch,

Sense Neuro Vascular Coil 16Ch,

Sense Shoulder Coil 4 Ch,

Sense spine Coil 15ch,

Sense XL Torso Coil 16Ch,

Sense Flex L Coil,

Sense Flex M Coil,

Sense Cardiac Coil,

Sense Body Coil.

At the date of de-installation the helium level will be minimum 50%.

RF Amplifier: S30

The last Coldhead/Adsorber service was in July 2016

Gradient Amplifier: 2 x Copley 281+

Magnet F 2000

Cooling Coldhead: LCC

Cooling Grad.Coil: LCC

Cooling Grad Amp: LCC

Acquesition Type: CDAS

Host Computer: Z400

Reconstructor: Z400 -12Gb

System is still installed and running in Germany

Available for de-installation: End of September 2018.

Located in Stuttgart, Germany

If you are interested in this system please reply in English