2012 GE Discovery CT 750 HD for sale!

Fecha de publicación: mar, 28 ago 2018


Already crated. Available immediately.

VCT Z400 Computer 5800000-2 Rev.2 / VCT Volume Recon Box II 5255299-31 / VCT HD DIG2 and VERB2 5255299-101

SW version: 11MW44.11 SP2-0-13 V40 PS HD64 G GTL

ADW Workstation 4.6

Tube: Perseus, installed on the 12th of September 2017, manufactured in March 2017, 69 041 437 mAs on the 24th of June 2018 (day of the de-installation)

SW options:

3000 Image Series, ASIR, Auto Filter and Transfer, AutomA, Connect Pro, Copy Composer, Data Export, Direct MPR, Dynamic Z-axis Tracking, Exam Split, High Resolution, Neuro Filter, Patient 64 slice, Smart Prep, VCT Hi Power, Xtream Recon, Sub 0.4 Second Scan, Smart Score Pro, Volume Viewer, EKG Viewer, CardIQ SnapShot, AutoBone, DentaScan, Noise Reduction Filter, Axial Shuttle, Smart Step, CardIQ SnapShot Cine, SnapShot Assist, SnapShot Assist Temporal Enhance, Helical Shuttle, Overlapped Recon – Axial

System was under full service contract and tested before de-installation. Photos available!

If you are interested please reply in English!