Tomógrafo de 64 cortes PHILIPS BRILLIANCE con TDMS

Fecha de publicación: sáb, 21 jul 2018


Tomógrafo de 64 cortes PHILIPS BRILLIANCE con TDMS PHILIPS BRILLIANCE 64 SLICE with TDMS CT 2007 PHILIPS CT SCANNER - Software V.2.6.2 New in 2007.  CARDIAC/FLUORO. Advanced application's for Cardiac and Pulmonary, Trauma and Brain Perfusion with 80mm coverage in jog scan. 40 mm coverage, 40 slice rotation, 40 images per second, 0.625 mm Isotropic resolution. Slice Thickness 0.5 to 2.5 (Also Fused Combinations for Axial) Scan Times 0.4 Sec. or higher,  Has the TDMS new style detector. Spiral Scanning and Max Scan Time. Microsoft Windows XP based computer, 2 LCD Flat Monitors, 292 BG Hard disk, Dynamic Scan Rate: 5,712 slices/minute. CT Angiography, 3D Package, DICOM. The BRILLIANCE 64 CT Scanner provides advancements such as a back-illuminated photodiodebased detector technology, an exclusive 3-D cone beam reconstruction algorithm and submillimeter isotropic images. Includes: Cardiac Gating, CT Angiography, Cardiac Option, 3D, 3D Volume, Max Intention Projection, MultiPlanar Reconstruction with 3D and DICOM.