Samsung Medison Sonoace X8

Fecha de publicación: sáb, 21 jul 2018


Ecógrafo Samsung Medison Sonoace X8 El Samsung Medison SonoAce X8 es un ecógrafo para la salud de las mujeres con una capacidad de gama media. General Abdomen Obstetrics Obstetrics Early Neonatal Cephalic Adult Cephalic Peripheral vascular Vascular Gynecology Fertility Infertility Fetal Echo Small Parts Renal Breast Musculoskeletal Abdominal Surgery Pediatric Prostate Trans-Rectal Trans-Vaginal Adult Cardiology Pediatric Cardiology Adult Transesophgeal Echo Transcranial Urology Modos de Imágenes B-Mode M-Mode Anatomical M-Mode M-Color Flow Mode Color M-Mode Color Doppler Power Doppler PW Doppler CW Doppler Spectral Doppler Tissue Doppler Imaging Trapezoidal Imaging Dual Live mode Quad screen Duplex Real-time triplex Freehand 3D Live 3D/4D Stress Echo Strain and Strain Rate (Cardiac) Características 17" LCD monitor (1280x1024) with articulated arm 3 probe ports Independent steer & lockable wheels Built in speakers Backlit keyboard with customizable UI Armrest and storage area 4 swivel wheels Real time 64,512 channel 2D gray-scaled imaging Multibeam Beamformers Synthetic Aperture Control TDI [Tissue Doppler Imaging] SCI [Spatial Compound Imaging] THI [Tissue Harmonic Imaging] Pulse Inversion Harmonic Imaging Stress Echo Imaging FSI [Full Spectrum Imaging] Power Pulse Inversion Harmonic Imaging Trapezoidal Imaging Color Edge Processing Combined modes Integrated 3D Imaging Package Freehand 3D, Static 3D, Live 4D VOCAL SHELL Histogram Multi-Slice View Oblique View [Static Line, Dynamic Line, Contour] Volume CT [Cube, Cross] MagiCut SRF [Speckle Reduction Filter] QuickScan Various Measurement Packages HPRF [High Pulse Repetition Frequency] Free Angle M-Mode Auto Image Optmization Auto IMT Automated B/M/D Measurement Post measurement Post image optimizing process Panomaric View Write Zoom Real-Time Auto Calculation Cine for 10,000 frames and Loop Review for 8,192 lines Clip Cine Store DICOM 3.0 compatible Image filing: SonoView II DICOM SR [Obstetrics, Gynecology] Flexible Report SonoView II Image management PACS networking 3D View ECG Port CD/DVD-RW Ethernet port 6 USB ports Video-out ports [S-VHS, VHS, VGA] JPEG, WMV, & AVI output