Precio: $ 89.99 USD

Oxygen Sensor OEM PSR-11-917-M - PSR-11-917-M

Fecha de publicación: Sat, 21 Jul 2018


Oxygen Sensor OEM PSR-11-917-M - PSR-11-917-M Precio: 89.99 Brand new and ready for installation, one Analytical Industries oxygen sensor. This new oxygen sensor is compatible with the units listed below. This sensor is backed by our 12 month warranty and our unparalleled customer service! Please contact us if you have any compatibility related or other questions! Compatible Ventilators: -Carescape Ventilators:  Avea -Drager Ventilators: Air Shields C200 Incubator -Infrasonics Ventilators: Adult Star -Puritain Bennett Ventilators: 760, 840 -Siemens Ventilators: 300, 300a, 900B, 900B, 900C, 900D -Versamed Ventilators: iVent Other Information: Response 90%: 13 sec; Expected Life: 60 Months